Dogs Who Became Stem Cell Miracle Patients

In this video, a dog named Ariel is shown a week after receiving stem cell treatment on her hips and knee. In an interview with her owner, it was revealed that Ariel showed an almost miraculous recovery from her debilitating ligament injury and arthritis. Whereas before the operation, she walked with a limp and had a painful gait, the Ariel of post-stem cell treatment became noticeably more alert, active, and even a bit mischievous (her owner claims Ariel stole another dog’s bowl).

Many people thought Ariel was just a “lazy” dog because she didn’t move around much. It turns out that she had congenital joint malformations. This was significantly treated by stem cell therapy since the new cells actually generate the needed articular cartilage. And now, it is like she’s given a new and healthier lease in life.

Another video about how stem cell treatment can help arthritic dogs shows how Stem Cell Therapy Helps Dog Recover.

Our yellow Labrador Retriever puppy is growing fas…
Our yellow Labrador Retriever puppy is growing fas…—sgoerin (

Jake, a yellow Labrador, can hardly walk for his severe canine arthritis. His owners agreed to have him go through stem cell procedure to help him, and the vet, Dr. Les Pelfrey at Stanley Veterinary Clinic, is glad to report that Jake is responding very well to the treatment. In an interview, the doctor says:

Before, on a slick surface, he was very reluctant to move around or get up because of the pain. He was afraid he would slip and hurt himself, and now he hops right up and moves about and goes on walks. His quality of life has increased dramatically.

When he is totally weaned off his pain medication, Jake is encouraged to be more active and frisky, as retrievers are expected to be. Since Jake’s successful treatment, Dr. Pelfrey and his staff had done half a dozen more stem cell procedures on other dogs, giving hope to arthritic dogs and their concerned owners that they could have better, happier, pain-free lives.

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