Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research, stem cells from line WA09
Stem cell research, stem cells from line WA09—paulbaker (

The U-M Depression Center Stem Cell Research gave an advanced $1 million investment into a bi-polar disorder. A Memorial Fund given by Steven Schwartzberg to backup the on-going research.

1-million gift will advance U-M Depression Center’s stemcell research into bipolar disorder http t. co 2hvg9Ck7. April 9 2012 Sunday March 25 2012. Stem cells for cardiac repair an active area of research Saturday.…

Unravelling bipolar disorder using stem cell lines Stem Cell Cite

Every month there are new discoveries or findings by the scientists or the researchers in California and the other researchers around the world.

Somatic Adult stem cells have been leading stem cell research in the past as it never necessarily conflicted with the majority of ethical or religious groups and their beliefs. They are rare undifferentiated cells that can be found.…

news Embryonic Stem Cells Can they cure Diabetes Mellitus type 1

There are some Canadian Scientists or Researchers who found a way to grow stem cell in a much more larger quantity. They have studied carefully and discovered a new way to grow the stem cell.

Here are more news about the stem cell research:

Stem Cell Arsenic Exposure Raises Cancer Risk. Medical News Today. A study published online in Environmental Health Perspectives reports that researchers from the National Institutes of Health have discovered how normal stem cells can turn into cancer stem cells and spur tumor growth through exposure to arsenic. NIH scientists discover how arsenic turns stem cells cancerous spurring all 2 news articles.…

Stem Cell Arsenic Exposure Raises Cancer Risk Medical News Today


Today. Improved stem cell line developed at CHOP. Philadelphia Inquirer. In the far future he added these stem cells could potentially be used as therapies for diseases such as diabetes or liver disease. For the current research the scientists used embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. From Stem Cells to Lung CellsBU Today. BU researchers derive purified lung and thyroid progenitors from embryonic EurekAlert press release Boston scientists grow lung tissue from cystic fibrosis patients skin blog all 58 news articles.…

Improved stem cell line developed at CHOP Philadelphia Inquirer

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